Warm up – Dynamic and lower body stretch

Moving - Dynamic Warm ups 20sec work /On the Spot - Dynamic Movement 10-20sec // Jog studio, jog and touch floor, high knees, heels to bum, lateral jogging/ jump jacks, split jumps, hands walking out with power pike, mountain climbers/  stretch lower body 2min 

Workout  Goal: Introduce – The Enduro!!!  

4 exercises x 45sec per exercise = 1 Round FOR x 5 rounds and Go on the Minute every Minute. (If you cannot keep up on the minute every minute that’s fine. Take rest when needed and pick it up when you can. 

  1. Resistance Band High Latt Pulls (kneeling and band anchored at high point)
  2. Plank
  3. Resistance Band Lateral Raise + Front Raise
  4. Skip Rope or with limited space...combination of any on the spot cardio...such as jump jacks, high knees and split jumps etc. 

Note: Take a mandatory rest 20sec after completing the 4 exercises making up 1 round through and rest 20sec every 4 exercises etc. 

Coaching Focus 

The focus today is to introduce some endurance. 

Warm Up 

Quickly review the formula for today’s warm up then begin. Make all adjustments as they perform the warm ups. 


Begin with Exercise 1 – Resistance Band High Latt Pulls for 45sec and then move to Exercise 2 and try and start on the minute every minute right down the listed exercises. And finish with a 20sec rest at the end of the 4 exercises. This means you have completed 1 round of 5. Then repeat this format for another 4 rounds! 

Coaching Tips

  • This workout offers the opportunity for you to find your own level. Don’t be afraid to push yourself to higher levels today.
  • This workout is about more work, less time, encourage yourself to go for speed.
  • Be sure to restate the integrity as you fatigue, through discipline in correct technique the body will adapt and fitness will come.