Resistance Bands Australia BBBC – Week 5 Day A

Warm up – Dynamic and lower body stretch

Moving - Dynamic Warm ups 20sec work /On the Spot - Dynamic Movement 10-20sec // Jog studio, jog and touch floor, lateral jogging, heels to bum, high knees, toy soldiers/ Reverse Lunges, Push ups, Leg raises// stretch lower body 2min 

Workout  Goal:   The Mighty Body Blitz List! 
Time Aprox: 30min

Start at 12 reps and complete the list starting each round with 50 reps of either high knees or Split Jumps...then 11 reps, then 10 reps etc until you hit the 20 minutes or Advanced Fitness go to the 25minute mark and stop!  

(Equipment Needed – Resistance Bands, Exercise Mat, Skip Rope) 

1.    50 High Knees and alternate with Split Jumps – alternating exercises to start each round
2.    Squat Jumps 
3.    Resistance Bands T Rows (Horizontal – anchored at hip or chest height)
4.    Reverse Lunges L/R = 2reps 
5.    Push Ups
6.    Resistance Bands Squat Thrusters Overhead
7.    Resistance Band Bicep Curls
8.    Leg Raises 

Coaching Focus
We start off this week with Challenge 1 of 4 called the Mighty List! Our focus is to set a pace and hold that intensity for 20minutes. Working from top to bottom of the list.  

Warm Up 
Quickly review the formula for today’s warm up then begin. Make all adjustments as you perform the warm ups. 

The goal is to work through the list as quickly as possible holding perfect form for every exercise for a total time of 20 minutes or Advanced Fitness go to the 25 minute mark and stop. Then write down your scores.  Once 20 minutes or whatever time you decide to stop and write down the repletion you were on and the number of the exercise...there are 8 main exercises. So if you finished after completing 11 reps of push ups. Then your score will be - 11.5. Eleven is how many reps and the exercise number they were up to! 

You will start with Exercise 1 – the cardio and then move straight into Exercise 2 and so on until time is up! 

Coaching Tips

  • This workout offers the opportunity for you  to find their own level. Don’t be afraid to begin to push to higher levels today. 
  • This workout is about more holding a solid pace and working with best of form.
  • Be sure to restate the integrity as you fatigue, through discipline in correct technique the body will adapt and fitness will come.