Improve Basic Conditioning
Time Approx: 20min

Station 1 (Equipment needed – skip rope, Resistance Bands)  - AMRAP - 11min

100 Jump Rope – if in small space – do a combination of Jump Jacks & split jumps 50 Reps total
25 Jump Squats
20 Resistance Band T Rows (Anchored at Hip Height – Horizontal Pull)  
15 Resistance Band Swings (Anchored at LOW point)
10 Body Blitz Crunch (bent knee V-up and high five yourself behind knees)

10sec Compulsory Rest each round

Station 2 (Equipment needed – Resistance Bands) AMRAP - 11min - Approx X 3 rounds

50 High Knees L/R = 2 rep 
20 Resistance Band LOW Rows (Anchored at LOW point)
20 Resistance Band Military Press Overhead (Anchored under feet)
20 Side Plank Spider L&R (most people will be on knee)

10sec Compulsory Rest each round

Coaching Focus

To you through a challenging workout that focuses on conditioning. We want to explore the effects of how to spend and save energy levels while performing this workout.

Warm Up

Quickly review the formula for today’s warm up then begin. Make all adjustments as they perform the warm ups.


There are two stations. Station one and will perform 100 Jump rope followed immediately by 25 drop squats, 20 Resistance Band T rows, 15 Resistance Band (RB) Swings and finally 10 Body Blitz Crunches 11 min - AMRAP – as, many, reps, as possible for total time of 11min. Once complete rest for no more than 30sec before continuing to station two.

Station 2 works similar format to station 1. Complete 3 rounds of the listed exercises.

Always ensure perfect technique!

Coaching Tips

• Be sure that you always have the discipline to stop when you need to; rest and reset then begin again.
• Be sure to restate the integrity as you fatigue, through discipline in correct technique the body will adapt and fitness will come.