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Advanced Pro Loop Resistance Bands - Total Body Package

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Advanced Pro Loop Resistance Bands - Total Body Package

Get started with this great package to suit all resistance routines. The benefits of resistance training are huge; improved bodyshape, muscle strength and increased metabolic rate. Not only for the men, women can benefit from resistance training to improve bone health.


This total body advanced pro Loop Power Band package is ideal for Functional Training and CrossFit workout programs, resistance training, assisting with pullup, chin-ups, and a whole lot more functional training routines. 


Resistance Bands Australia has put together a package to suit all your resistance needs. Much easier than mustering up the effort to the gym. 

What’s included?

  • RBA Advanced Pro Loop Resistance Bands set of 5: Having such a variety of five different levels of resistance bands will give the Ultimate set up to help strengthen and condition your entire body. These Loop bands are a must workout buddy, 100% lightweight and portable making a workout easy anywhere, anytime. Dimensions and Resistance Levels: Red (Width - 12mm) 4.5 – 16kg, Black (19mm) 16 – 22.6kg, Purple (29mm) 18 – 36kg, Green (44mm) 19 - 55kg, Blue (64mm) 27-68kg and 104cm in length.


  • HCE Blue Exercise Mat: Super comfortable for yoga, pilates and all resistance routines. Made from 15mm closed cell and high quality soft foam that cushions while you workout. Dimensions: 173 x 61cm x 15mm.


  • RBA Door anchor: Versatile attachment that allows for a multitude of resistance exercises. Made from high quality nylon it secures firmly at the top, bottom or sides of a door. Now you can use your loop bands at home...simply by clipping one of the snap hook carabiners on the anchor and then clip the Strength Loop Power Band on as well. All set to go!


  • RBA Pair of Handles: Sturdy and designed with durability and comfort in mind. The handles are to be used with the snap hook and your choice of resistance band. This lightweight training set of handles is perfect for mixing it up from the assisted chin ups routines and easily move into some crossfit, functional training routines. Simply by adding a pair of snap hooks and the RBA handles to the mix you're all set!


  • RBA Utility Strap: Designed to help preserve the life of your resistance bands. The strap protects when attaching your band to posts, bars and any indoor surfaces by acting as a soft anchor point. You don’t want to be without one.


  • Snap Hook Carabiner X 2: It hooks! By adding in these snap hook carabiners you can connect to your strength Loop power bands with ease. Enabling you to use the Loop Bands to train your entire body!

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Matthew M.

For this time of shipping!

For this time of shipping! The product as a set is amazing. I’ve used the tubes bands before which are great but these power bands now give me a different feel and the workout program that comes with the higher purchase is very well put together. Highly recommend purchasing from this company.

Robyn T.

Equipment is of good quality and reasonably priced

"Equipment is of good quality and reasonably priced."


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